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A subtle balance to the rhythm of the season. At ANTIGUA, we look for a simple, tasty and refined service and cuisine formula. Our menu is made with local products treated with true passion.

----------------------- STARTERS-----------------------

Coconut soup, infusioned in lemon grass and lobster, shrimps, carrot cream and mushrooms, coriander.  (1/2)  15,50 €

Artichoke chips, crumbed aubergines, foie shavings, yuca textures and salmon bubbles with a sweet red wine reduction.  (1/3)  16,50 €

Foie mi cuit covered in finely sliced caramelized apple, late harvest gelée and orange  bread croutons.  (1)  17,80 €

Power detox…!!!  Green leaves, fennel, celery, acid apple, radish, cucumber, nuts and  fresh mint served with a citric vinaigrette.  (7/8)   14,50 €

Explosion of flavours!!! Tender green leaves, sugared walnuts, avocado, breast of  farmyard chicken, cassé tomatoes and sweet and sour notes.  (7/8)  14,50 €  

White tuna belly (serrat preserves), ‘deconstructed’ russian salad, kefir lime, texturized peas, crudités, pink tomato, spring onion and greens.  (3/6)  16,80 €

Fresh zucchini carpaccio, goat’s cheese, roasted aubergines, ruccula, cashews, small radish and yogurt dressing with a spice touch and gorgonzola. (5/6/7/8)  15,50 €

Razor fish, scallops and grilled cockles, creamy leek, crème fraîche & txakoli, fennel bulb, citronella, crushed toasted almonds and parsley.  (6/7/9)  17,50 €

Creamy ´burrata de la puglia´, cassé tomatoes, basil treated as pesto and truffle infused extra virgin oil.  (6/7)   17,00 €

Cantabrian spider crab wrapped in leek leaves, garlic shrimp, salmon roe, combined with fresh vichyssoise and lemon grass. (2/6)  17,30 € Nikei tuna tartar, avocado emulsion, sweet potato, sesame seeds and cream of coconut with ‘tiger milk’.  (3/5/7)  18,00 €

Croaker, prepared as a ´ceviche´, rocoto, lime, fine puree of roasted sweet potato and roasted sweetcorn. (3)  17,50 €

Grilled octopus, potato foam, ´sobrasada´and honey base with ‘anticucho’ sauce.  One of our classics!!! (6/9)  18,50 €

Smooth ox tail rice, seasonal wild mushrooms and beef stock. (6)  22,00 €

3 minute farmyard egg, straw potatoes, onion confit, iberian ham and black truffle (Tuber melanosporum from sarrión teruel) freshly grated at your table.  (4)  17,80 €

Iranian sturgeon caviar, imperial osietra 10 grs., served with blinis and farmhouse butter from la cerdenya. (1/3/4/6)  34,00 €



----------------------- MEAT -----------------------

Tender and juicy onglet of beef, roasted pak choy, glazed shallots, parmentier, beef stock reduction and perigourdine foie and truffle sauce.  (6)   23,00 €

Ox tail, crunchy foie filled ravioli bon bons, on shallot and ginger cream, apples and foie sauce.  (1/6)  23,50 €

Succulent wagyu strogonoff (d.O. Burgos), creamy foam of truffled potato and marrow smoked on forrest bark and subtle touch of red chilli panko. (6)  23,50 €              

Slowly stewed beef cheek in it’s own sauce, with creamy potato, sheep cheese and hazelnuts. (6/7)  22,80 €

Tender, mellow, glazed lamb in a breesehen stock, artichoke, caramelized shallots, white beans and seasonal wild mushrooms. (6)  23,50 €

Nebraska ´black angus´ steak tartar, hand chopped to order, seasoned by us, fresh, with truffled thyme flavoured fries.  (1/6/8)  23,00 €  



----------------------- FISH -----------------------

Mediterranean red tuna marinated in soy and ginger, sealed with coriander seeds,  ‘pleurotus eryngii’ carpaccio, ponzu sauce, teriyaki, asparagus crudites, lotus flower stalk, miso foam and salmon roe. (3/5/6)  23,50 €

Steamed wild sea bass, leek ragú, snow peas and shellfish in fennel and ginger cream. (2/3/9)  23,80 €

Charcoal cooked cod fish (45º), roasted and fresh tomatoe textures, green olives, peppermint, perfume of black garlic in a false papillote. (3)  23,00 €

Cold water sockey salmon sealed in nori and crunchy tempura, shrimps, warm salad of aubergine, raisins, goat’s cheese, fresh cheese, dressed spring onion and sweet contrasts. (1/3/5/6/7/9)  23,50 €

Juicy hake trunk, breaded with panko flakes, roasted ratatouille with garden aromas & pea cream. (1/6)  22,50 €



----------------------- DESERTS -----------------------

Caramelized sponge cake topped with crême brûlée accompanied by meringue milk ice cream.  (1/6)   8,00 €

Chocolate crazy - hot guanaja chocolate coulant, belgian chocolate ice-cream on cocoa dust, nutella foam and explosive textures. (4/6/7)  11,50 €

Cheescake, kefir, marinated ‘maresme’ strawberries and pistachio. (4/6/7)  8,00 €

Warm braeburn apple treated with moscovado sugar and cinnamon, dried fruits, pistachio ice-cream and a warm vanilla sauce. (1/6/7) gluten free option.  8,00 €

Passion fruit effervescence, creamy mango ice-cream and guava crystals. (6)  8,50 € Banoffee pie. (1/6)  8,50 €     

Our chocolate truffles… (6)  7,50 €         

Cheese palette, three cheeses: Brie de maux, compte (30 months), reblochon, stilton and quince jelly, (6)  15,00 €



Mandarin sorbet with flavoured absolut vodka.

Raspberry sorbet with brut nature cava. 

Lemon sorbet, vintage rum, mint…just like a mojito.

Gin tonic sorbet, with cucumber and hendricks´ touch.   7,00 €


All our prices have VAT included.


Always trying to do a good job, on each plate you will find information about ingredients that have traces of allergens. Thank you very much!!!

(1) gluten - (2) shellfish - (3) fish - (4) egg - (5) soy - (6) milk / lactose - (7) nuts - (8) mustard - (9) molluscs.


We open every day, including Sundays from 13:30 to 23:30, without interruption


Located in the upper area of the city of Barcelona, ANTIGUA welcomes you in an intimate and warm space, tastefully decorated, offering a simple but refined Mediterranean cuisine, based on the product, with important concessions to creativity.

Open every day (Sundays included)
from 1:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m.
Carrer de Marià Cubí 59, 08006 Barcelona
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Telephone : 934 14 73 84
Mail : antiguarestaurante@hotmail.com
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