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Sea and land

Much of our success is due to a small number of collaborators, farmers, small ranchers and fishermen who supply us with a variety of high-quality raw materials. People of tradition, with respect and love for their work, consistent with the environment, always working the season. They are values that we share and that by them we want to make them participants and that you know them, for and to know where everything begins to close the circle.

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    From Orchard
    • Sentits del born
      About us? "We are in the field, yes, to cultivate the land. We have worked, planted, gathered and collected for several generations."
      From Mas d'en Queri de Almoster, Reus, and Ca La Imma, the "Sorres Velles", Dos Camins, in Gavà, we work the land and cultivate the season with respect for the environment, for almost a century, in order serving a quality product and flavors of yesteryear.
    • Mas Lluny
      "Directe de Pàges"
      With its own production and ecological seal, without chemical residues, natural, of proximity, from the mountains of Prades near Reus, to our kitchen, a luxury !!!
    • Petràs
      From a small stall in La Boquería we find Petràs, perhaps the best mushroom producer and distributor, a valuable human team and simple philosophy, they generate the highest quality in a seasonal product, second to none !!
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    • Xavi and Jaume (fish and seafood)
      From the Garraf and Vilanova coasts, Xavi and Jaume bring us closer to the sea through ancient fishing gear, the best of the Mediterranean. Guaranteeing us a freshness both of the fish of height and of beach ... and go if it shows!
    • Bulfego - tuna
      The Bulfegó family, the fifth generation of fishermen and now also fish farmers, have become a world leader in bluefin tuna. Both for their quality and for their maturation process, they break the written norm of the tasting of this species in its maximum freshness, creating silky notes and sweetness in its meat, at the same time becoming a protectionist part of this noble animal.
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    • Carnè
      Santiago Carnè creates more than 50 years ago, a family illusion with respect for quality and the product that lasts over time and today comes to our table in the form of wild mushrooms, truffles and high-end products in which the natural and quality is an indisputable seal.
    • Puigbo
      At the beginning of the 20s of the last century, our grandparents already worked as butchers in the Boquería and EL Ninot markets. Currently, we are committed to health and the environment with young ranchers from the Ripollès region, with whom we created the Pirinat project for the production of organic livestock and meat.
      Always male and female calves of indigenous breeds from local farms, fed on cereals and slaughtered with less than 12 months of life.
    • Iruki - Borja Zubiaurre
      Our roots in the land and culture make us trace a style with its own identity.
      National ox, farm cow, Gallerga cow ... our commitment is to enjoy and make you enjoy excellence through our natural evolution.
      Process in which 5 basic factors intervene to achieve a perfect tuning: greased, temperature, time, humidity and ventilation. All this is the pre-cooking of the best cuts, worked with humility and affection.
      Our way of understanding the maturation and affirmation of meat is unique.
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    Let yourself be carried away by a unique atmosphere and immerse yourself in a journey of culinary delights by candlelight in a romantic setting.
  • chulet
    Passion for meat! This proposal is the result of an effort to achieve the perfect ripening, an alchemy of flavor, silky textures and intense flavors, an unrepeatable sensory experience.
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    Mediterranean recipes with signature stamp. Delve into a journey through the senses and flavors of the land, we will make you live a unique experience.
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    Share with us this great moment in which through gastronomy and fun we will spend together a new year, full of joys, surprises and happiness.
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    Enjoy our wonderful proposal for this special night.
  • navidad
    Come and share with your family or friends such a special day in a magical atmosphere.
  • SanEsteva
    Enjoy our Catalan traditions, surrounded by those you love the most.
  • reyes
    Let yourself be transported by our proposal and share with family or friends this very day of ours, surrounded by yours.

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Located in the upper area of the city of Barcelona, ANTIGUA welcomes you in an intimate and warm space, tastefully decorated, offering a simple but refined Mediterranean cuisine, based on the product, with important concessions to creativity.

Open every day (Sundays included)
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